Hargreaves street

- office building


Location: Bendigo, Victoria

Date: 2017

Builder: Phil Mann Constructions

Photographer: Imagine Photography

The client, DKG Financial Group, agrees: “The abstract, striking design of the building has been very well received by our customers, and it complements the streetscape exceptionally well, blending old and ultra-modern together, allowing each to highlight different periods of architecture”.
— DKG Financial Group

'The site was a fantastic location, on the edge of bendigo CBD with views to the cathedral in a deciduous tree-lined street. But it was tiny,

the ambition was to create a modern commercial building that would be a delight to work in and be a landmark in its own right, but the site was in a heritage area. The street is lined with heritage buildings largely from the Victorian era. Surrounded by these buildings, the design has been able to create harmonic cohesion between contemporary and heritage architectural styles. 

The client provided an outline for the internal layout, but Planwise were given creative control over the exterior. The final design is a multi-angled façade that appears almost animated, bringing life to the commercial area. Glazing, steel, and timber dominate. The entrance is sheltered by a galvanised steel portal and timber-lined portico. The extensive use of glass brings a sense of lightness to the structure, softening sharp edges.

The extensive glazing on the front allows natural light to filter through the entire building, while views of the cathedral spire can be seen from the second-floor workstations. Work spaces have been designed to gain maximum exposure to natural light, with individual offices generous in size.

The internal colour palette is sleek with white walls and grey carpet throughout. The reception features a black granite and marble reception desk with generous amounts of bench space, allowing for multiple users to staff the area. Timber features add warmth to the rooms and internal angled walls reflect the exterior form adding vibrancy to the simple internal footprint.

Working with the heritage advisers at council, planwise were able to show how the design would become a feature for the street – without taking away from the beauty of the existing area. The design worked with the heritage buildings, not against them.'